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Graphic Novel Review

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Tom Strong
Deluxe Edition - Volume 1 (Hardback)


Author: Alan Moore
Artist: Chris Sprouse
Titan Books
RRP: £29.99, US $39.99, Cdn $49.99
ISBN: 978 1 84856 486 2
Available 27 November 2009

Raised in a high gravity chamber on the isolated island of Attabar Teru until the tragic deaths of his parents, Tom Strong grew to manhood and became the greatest hero of the 20th century. As the defender of Millennium city, his adventures have spanned our world and beyond. Accompanied by wife Dhalua, daughter Tesla, and his loyal companions King Solomon and Pneuman, Tom Strong continues to protect the weak, defend the innocent, and fight on behalf of worthy causes wherever he might find them...

Tom Strong: Deluxe Edition - Volume 1 is the first of three deluxe hardcover editions. In this volume, collecting issues #1 to 12 of the comic book series, Tom finds himself battling in different times, worlds and realms, facing off against an eclectic group of enemies including the ruthless Paul Saveen, the mechanized Aztechs and the prehuman Pangaean - in places as diverse as New York, Venus, an alternate Earth and even the past.

This collection opens with an origins story - as a young boy joins the Tom Strong fan club. In his first envelope from the club, the young boy receives a Tom Strong comic book which retells the tale of how our hero came to be.

Born on a remote island, orphaned by his scientist parents and raised by a steam-powered butler, Tom Strong is both superhero and pioneer, journeying to other dimensions to vanquish the fearsome foes that threaten the retro-futuristic Millennium City.

If you already own this collection from one of the previous releases (either comic book or graphic novel edition) then it's not worth spending out again to purchase this. However, if you've never read a Tom Strong story before, this is the perfect place to start.


Pete Boomer

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