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Naruto Unleashed
Series 6 - Volume 1


Starring (voice): Chie Nakamura, Junko Takeuchi and Noriaki Sugiyama
RRP: £24.99
Certificate: 12
Available 20 April 2009

Konoha, the Hidden Leaf Village, is your average ninja hamlet; except for one thing... it contains Naruto Uzumaki. Unbeknownst to the children, but known to their parents, Naruto’s body contains the trapped spirit of Kyubi, a demon fox that had been defeated twelve years ago. Because of their parents behaviour towards Naruto, the children of the village also treat him with deferential fear. All Naruto wants is to become the best ninja that he can and win the respect of the villagers. Now, well into his training, he spends as much time playing around as he does on his studies, but dark forces are gathering. The rivalry that has grown up between Susuke and Naruto continues to mar their friendship...

Naruto Unleashed 6.1 presents the first half of season six, as a three DVD set, with the first thirteen episodes (eps 131 - 143). The new season came off the back of the strong showing that season five was able to rally before its end, unfortunately the show was destined to go into a slow decline from season six onwards. When we left Naruto in Volume 5.2, he and Sasuke were at logger heads, with Sasuke’s desire to beat Naruto once and for all.

Disc one contains the following episodes: 131 - The Secrets of the Mangekyo Sharingan!; 132 - For a Friend; 133 - A Plea From a Friend and 134 - The End of Tears. Throughout these episodes Naruto and Sasuke continue to battle, until Naruto realises that Sasuke is serious, well that only took him a whole season's worth of episodes, and unleashes his all at Sasuke. While they fight a mysterious ninja looks on...

All of the discs are presented in the same 4:3 format, with audio options in the now familiar English or Japanese 2.0 with optional subtitles. The only extras to be found on the set are here on the first disc and consist of a bunch of trailers.

Disc two continues the revelry with episodes 135 - The Promise That Could Not Be Kept; 136 - Deep Cover: A Super S-Rank Mission; 137 - A Town of Outlaws: The Shadow of the Fuma Clan; 138 - Pure Betrayal, and a Fleeting Plea and 139 - Pure Terror! The House of Orochimaru. Following his defeat Sasuke cannot be found and Jiraiya’s concern for the well being of them both prompts him to send Naruto on a dangerous mission in the hope of discovering Sasuke’s whereabouts. Along with Sakura, and Jiraiya, Naruto sets off only to be confronted by brigands but also to find himself in the tunnels of the Orochimaru, with his life in peril...

Disc three continues with episodes 140 - Two Heartbeats: Kabuto's Trap; 141 - Sakura's Determination; 142 - The Three Villains from the Maximum Security Prison and 143 - Tonton! I'm Counting on You! Wherein we mostly find some fighting and the revelation that one of the major characters has been killed, no I won’t say which one. Mizuki is also back in the picture and up to no good again...

The level of animation remains high even though you’re starting to get the feeling that you’ve see it all before.


Charles Packer

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