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Aqua Teen Hunger Force
Volume One


Starring (voice): Dana Snyder. Carey Means. Dave Willis and Matt Maiellaro
Revolver Entertainment
RRP: £19.99
Certificate: 12
Available 27 April 2009

Follow the adventures of a group of mystery-solving fast food items who fight robots, rabbits, hair-spraying rabbots, mad scientists, removable brains and mould. The team consists of Frylock, the floating French-fried potato holder who is the brains the group, Meatwad, who is a cute simple-minded ball of shape shifting mince and Master Shake, a sadistic and lazy milkshake who loves to torture Meatwad. The gang hang out with their neighbour Carl, a pure guy after women and booze, and try to avoid the annoying exploits of Mooninites; Ignigknot and Err who are rock ‘n’ roll loving aliens from the moon...

Aqua Teen Hunger Force is an animated cartoon series that started on the Cartoon Network in December 2000. As of April 2009, the show is still going strong and is in its sixth season.

Each episode begins at Doctor Weird's laboratory. Here the evil doctor and his assistant, Steve, create new horrors each week which they unleash on an unsuspecting world. The first episode, Rabbot, sees them create a giant robot bunny. The great thing about this is that Weird only appears for a few seconds in each episode and his creations then attacks the Aqua Teen Hunger Force, or are simply forgotten about all together. And throughout all the episodes the Aqua Teen's and the Doctor are unaware of each others existence.

Highlights of this 2-disc collection include:

'Bus of the Undead' - The episode starts with Moth Monster Man escaping from Dr. Weird's laboratory and being strangely drawn to Master Shake - who is wearing some new headgear that houses powerful light bulbs. Moth Monster Man sends anonymous threats to the Aqua Teens that harm will come to them if they don't leave Shake's lights on. Shake suspects that this strange individual is the spirit of Count Dracula who is now living inside the engine of a school bus.

'Mayhem of the Mooninites' - The first episode in which the "superior" Mooninites appear. Apparently they have come to Earth to spread their advanced technology, flaunt their superiority, and cause trouble.

'Ol' Drippy' - Shake's tidiness is called into question when a living entity, made of mould, appears in the kitchen. The mould turns out to be an intelligent, well mannered individual who puts the thoughts of others before his own needs. When he and Meatwad start to become friends, Shake becomes jealous.

'Circus' - Master Shake sells Meatwad to the circus. But when Meatwad's shape changing abilities make him the star of the show Shakes becomes jealous.

'Interfection' - When Master Shake and Meatwad sneak into Frylock's room to use his computer to search the Internet, they get more than they'd bargained for. They accidentally open a long list of pop-up windows - which suddenly start to appear in the real world, cluttering up Frylock's room.

Extras include Rabbot - The Original Cut (15 min, 5 sec); commentaries for three episodes; and San Diego Comic-con International 2002 (3 min, 52 sec short that was screened at Comic-con).

The one thing I didn't understand is why this didn't contain the last two episodes of the show's first season. It would have made much more sense if Revolver had stuck to releasing this in the original American season collections. Four of the episodes collected here are also run out of original broadcast order (if you care about such things).

If you've never seen an episode of this series, then you're in for a treat. While the first season started off a little slow, after the first half a dozen episodes it's well into its stride. This is well worth adding to your collection.


Darren Rea

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