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The Original Animated Series
Season 1 - Volume 2


Starring (voice): Paul Soles, Peg Dixon and Paul Kligman
Clear Vision
RRP: £14.99
Certificate: PG
Available 14 September 2009

"Walloping web-snappers!" Spidey is back for another round of stories from the original 1967 animated series. In this second volume there are seven episodes, all bar one of which is split into two separate ten-minute tales. Returning for a second outing is Electro (who escapes from prison during an electrical storm), Mysterio, and Parafino (who fashions famous henchmen from wax and brings them to life). A well-known Marvel villain makes his first appearance here in the form of the Rhino (the only double-length episode on this disc). All of the others are much lesser-known master criminals from the early days.

Dr Magneto is very possibly a precursor to the principle X-Men bad guy Magneto, and the Hunter an early version of Kraven the Hunter. It's good to see something different to the half-expected costumed maniacs too; here we meet Doctor Noah Boddy (yes, he's invisible), the Sinister Prime Minister (aren't they all?), Ms Trubble (a bookseller who can conjure mythical beasts), a master magician, the Fifth Avenue Phantom, and others.

Again, we have a hugely enjoyable and fun viewing experience (see review of Volume 1 for more details) with a healthy running time of 2 hours 26 minutes. You'll love every episode - I did. Go buy.

On a final note, did you know that the lyrics to the Spider-Man song were written by Paul Francis Webster (I kid you not!) All I can say is thanks to the Web(mei)ster.


Ty Power

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