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Tamagotchi: The Movie


Starring (voice): Masami Suzuki, Naoki Tatsuta, Yasuhiro Takato and Yukimasa Kishino
RRP: £14.99
Certificate: U
Available 14 September 2009

On the Tamagotchi Planet, Mametchi has finished his latest invention. When he turns it on an accident transports Tampopo, a young human child, to their world. When the two meet they discover that they are both about to become older siblings, neither is sure how they feel about this. Although stranded Tampopo is delighted to be on Tamagotchi, especially when Papa Mametchi lets her know that he can invent a rocket that will return her to earth at the same time and place. But things never go that smoothly and Tampopo finds herself trying to save the whole planet...

Tamagotchi: The Movie (2007 - 1 hr, 23 min, 54 sec) is the first full length feature film based on the popular computer creatures. The film was directed by Jôji Shimura and was his second feature following Blade of the Phantom Master (2004). On the back of the film’s success he also directed the follow up film Tamagotchi: The Movie! The Happiest Story in the Universe!? (2008).

It is difficult with a film like this to know if it was made to sell more electronics or whether there was some artistic merit in the project. It certainly isn’t the only film of this sort created, as Animal Crossing the Movie (2006) had shown, and certainly the film will be popular with young fans. I didn’t even know that the craze, which was popular, in the nineties was still relevant; apparently it is still going strong.

Tampopo is an engaging young female character and it is through her experiences that we, the audience, explore the world of the Tamagotchi, although the film drips so much cuteness it is less likely to appeal to small boys. However, the female-centric plot should not disguise that this is one of the most family friendly films produced for a long time. There are no villains, the main themes of responsibility, personal growth and the problems that older children suffer when a new baby enters the family, makes the film both entertaining and educational, though this is not its major reason for existing.

The animation is of an unexpected high quality and suitably bright, there is a surprising rich narrative, for Tamagotchi fans, Tampopo gets to meet all the major characters as well as a tour of their world. There are audio options for either English 5.1 or 2.0 stereo. There is only a single extra on the disc, The Promo (3 min, 12 sec), which does have some shots of the voice actors.

For the young, or the young at heart, this is a heart-warming film which will be great for age’s four to eight and their families. The only thing which lets it down is the lack of extras, but then how many kids watch those?


Charles Packer

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