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Hell House - The Book of Samiel


Starring: Michael Anthony Carlisi, Sheila Kraics, Geof Libby and Jessica Marie
Brain Damage Films
RRP: £2.99
Certificate: 18
Available 12 October 2009

Before the beginning of time, Demons ruled the darkness. After humans took possession of the Earth, several books came into existence - books of ancient knowledge with pages containing rituals and incantations, one for each of the God Demons. The pages were to be used to banish the dark things that lurked in the shadows. Throughout the centuries, these books were passed down amongst an elite sect of soothsayers and have been highly sought after by the demons. Now those demons have found a way to re-enter this world to take back what has always been theirs. The awful truth is discovered lying dormant in an old house by a group of friends who must seek the aid of the last soothsayer if they are to stop the evil from returning to engulf the earth...

In all the time that I've been writing reviews for this site and other periodicals, this is the first time that I've copied word for word the supplied marketing synopsis. The reason is that it appears to bear no resemblance to the actual film.

Hell House (not to be confused with the brilliant Richard Matheson book and screenplay) begins with an urban myth about a local haunted house. It is said that a man killed his family years ago, and that his ghost stalks the house still. As the group of four friends prepare to spend the night, a woman who realises the danger races to save them from a terrible fate. A man (presumably the previous killer) is seen wandering aimlessly around with an axe. Then everything is turned on its head when the venue changes to the cellar and one of the group is possessed by a demon. And then suddenly, and thankfully, it's all over, and my first thought is: What on earth was all that about?!

This is the second film I've watched in this latest batch of DVDs from Brain Damage. I realise that they are budget releases, but the standard has been woefully low thus far. However, with four more to go I'm hoping for a much-needed increase in quality. Watch this space.


Ty Power

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