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Solty Rei
Volume 5


Starring (voice): Jouji Nakata, Momoko Saito, Hiro Shimono and Mamiko Noto
RRP: £15.99
Certificate: 12
Available 09 November 2009

Following a tragedy known as Blast Fall, the city below is a place of melancholy. Resembles, injured people rebuilt with prosthetic limbs, walk under the all pervading Aurora, a shimmering field which prevents aerial travel. Through this metropolis stalks Roy Revant, bounty hunter, a man with no family and no ties. This all changes when Solty falls from the sky. Outwardly she resembles a small child, but this is a child with great power and a beginning shrouded in mystery...

Solty Rei: Volume 5 and the show continues to become darker and more interesting with each release, having increased its scope with the reintroduction of Roy’s missing daughter Rose who rather than being a joyous event has turned to dust in his hands as she turns to the dark side. Solty’s journey has been a little less complicated. I did think that the writers would have used her as the main protagonist, but the show has developed into a true ensemble piece. Solty’s main role remains mostly as a sounding board for the narrative.

This penultimate DVD contains another four episodes (19-22). Given that the show only ran for twenty-four episodes I’m guessing that the last disc will contain the last two episodes plus the OVA Opportunities Missed, Love Shared.

So on with the motley with episode nineteen: All Together. It’s an emotional meeting as Roy and Solty finally meet the rediscovered Rose. But something is not right. Rather than the soft child that he originally lost, Rose is now working for the R.U.C. not only that but Chief Ashley seems to trust her enough with his greatest secret which is hidden beneath his headquarters. Meanwhile, in the deep desert, Joseph finally decides to cease his self imposed exile and heads back to the city, where Roy has gone looking for Rose.

Episode twenty: Catastrophe Calls and following a call Integra leaves to intercept Joseph’s message, knowing how important it is for Roy. Miranda heads off to try and get Rose back, but Rose is more than happy where she is. It is a show about meetings and for Solty her meeting with Ashley ends with her deactivated on a trash heap.

Episode twenty-one: The Time for Truth and the end game is in sight. The R.U.C. move in to capture our heroes, who escape to the underground city where Joseph reveals some of the truth about the cities origins and the central computer which controls it. Ashley’s plans to take over the city's computer continue.

Episode twenty-two: Three Girls, Three Intentions and the city is in meltdown. Chaos has taken hold and Roy is trying to stop Eunomia. Meanwhile Solty and Rose confront Accela who is threatening the city with destruction with Hilga.

The 1.78:1 anamorphic transfer is clear if a little soft. The disc comes with audio options for English 5.1 and Japanese 2.0 with or without English subtitles. Extras include opening and closing textless sequences plus trailers for other shows.

The show is looking great for the last two episodes and from an unassuming beginning the show has turned out to be pretty good - not a classic but well worth a watch.


Charles Packer

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