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I’m Not Feeling Myself Tonight


Starring: Barry Andrews
Strike Force Entertainment
RRP: £14.99
Certificate: 18
Available 23 November 2009

Jon Pigeon is lucky enough to work in a sex research institute, but he spends far too much of his time lusting hopelessly after pretty office secretary Cheryl. That is, until he invents an amazing machine called Agnes, which emits a powerful sonic aphrodisiac capable of instantly turning anyone into a sex maniac. But Jon’s “sex ray” requires a bit of practice, and there are a few unfortunate misfires and unexpected orgies before he manages to turn on the right girl...

This DVD contains the complete and uncut version of the 1976 sex comedy, previously available only in a heavily edited version on VHS with 20 minutes removed.

The film certainly gets off to a raunchy start with a couple of lingering sex scenes, one of which features the infamous porn star Mary Millington (billed as Mary Maxted). Perhaps these scenes were intended to keep the audience watching to the end in the hope of further explicit action, though in fact thereafter the movie reverts to the usual British sex comedy format comprising a series of sexual disasters. Try as he might, protagonist Jon Pigeon (Barry Andrews, Doctor Who: Nightmare of Eden) either fails to get the girl or is interrupted before the sex act has really begun.

The object of his desires is secretary Cheryl Bascombe, played by Sally Faulkner (Vampyres, Doctor Who: The Invasion), though his methods for gaining her affections are decidedly underhanded. Rather than send her some flowers or try and chat her up (maybe he’s already tried that and failed), he develops a computerised device that can temporarily turn people into nymphomaniacs... as you do.

Despite its futuristic trappings, I’m Not Feeling Myself Tonight is very much a product of its time. The computer is of the old-fashioned whirring tape spool variety, and the sexual attitudes are just as antiquated. Jon’s “sex ray” is just the science-fiction equivalent of spiking a woman’s drink. Seen in those terms, Cheryl is essentially raped or sexually assaulted several times during the course of the movie. As well as Jon, she also has to fend off the unwelcome attentions of her eccentric boss, Professor Nutbrown (James Booth, Auf Wiedersehen Pet). There are a few jibes at homosexuals too.

There are a few funny moments, including a caricature of National Viewers’ and Listeners’ Association president Mary Whitehouse, called Mrs Watchtower (Geraldine Hart), who also finds herself on the receiving end of Jon’s aphrodisiac beam. However, much of the dialogue is indistinct due to the poor quality of the soundtrack.

The DVD also includes a theatrical trailer and a very brief stills gallery.

I’m usually more lenient towards vintage sex comedies, but I don’t think this film merits such leniency. Or perhaps I’m just not feeling myself tonight.


Chris Clarkson

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