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Authors: Mike Costa, Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning
Artists: Ramón Pérez, CP Smith, John Paul Leon and Kody Chamberlain
Titan Books
RRP: £14.99, US $19.99
ISBN: 978 1 84856 636 1
Available 26 March 2010

The Chimera have conquered Europe and turned their attention to North America. The U.S. government has lost contact with Fort Anchorage, the largest American military base in the world... and the safest place for Robert Oppenheimer to conduct his experiments. Now, a clandestine unit serving under Sergeant Capelli must infiltrate the base and secure Oppenheimer - but can anyone stop the Chimera from getting their hands on the first Atomic Bomb...?

Resistance is a six-part mini-series based on the console game of the same name and was originally printed, in comic book form, in 2009.

As a standalone series for the general public this is a little on the flat side, however if you've played the game then I suppose it does add a little to its universe. For me, though, the biggest issue is that it doesn't really do anything new or particularly exciting - this is a story you've heard a thousand times before. To me this is just a poor man's Aliens story.

While far from being a bad graphic novel, I couldn't help thinking that this could have been so much more interesting.


Darren Rea

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