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Magazine Review

Book Cover

Issue #1


Editor: Mark Miller
Titan Magazines
RRP: £3.99
ISBN: 9 772044 429000
Available 02 September 2010

Kick Ass creator Mark Millar is the driving force behind a new comic strip based magazine to be published through Titan Magazines. CLiNT is a monthly publications that brings together a number of new comic book stories (including the continuation of Kick Ass) as well as couple of interviews and some strange features (like TV's Hottest Mums and Deeply Moral Babes - which looks like it's going to be a weekly page of a model, who is over dressed, in a suggestive pose).

The comic strips were fairly hit and miss. While I loved Nemesis and Kick-Ass (and almost lost bladder control while reading Huw Edwards Presents Space Oddities - a sort of Tharg's Future Shocks for 2000AD readers who are old enough to remember it) I wasn't so keen on Rex Royd and really didn't warm to the overly long The Fangs of New York.

No, I'm afraid I was less than impressed with Jonathan Ross's first flurry with comics. The Fangs of New York is not very original, the speech feels forced and the whole thing is just a little too amateurish. Also since when did Ross become a voice for teenagers? He's old and just not funny. Proof, if any were needed, that the Devil exists and if you sell your soul any old git can have what they want.

The features are a little lowbrow and to be honest won't appeal to anyone over the age of 14. But hopefully, as the magazine finds its footing, it will mature.

While it does have its flaws, I'm really hoping that CLiNT takes off. The UK needs a serious monthly comic magazine that can succeed where titles like Deadline and Crisis failed. Sadly, I'm guessing this will disappear before it's been running for a year.


Darren Rea