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Aqua Teen Hunger Force
Volume Three


Starring (voice): Dana Snyder. Carey Means. Dave Willis and Matt Maiellaro
Revolver Entertainment
RRP: £19.99
Certificate: 15
Available 25 January 2010

In case you don’t know, this is how it goes down. Aqua Teen Hunger Force stars Master Shake, a sadistic, lazy milkshake; Frylock, an erudite, floating packet of fries and Meatwad, a simple-minded, easily-lead meatball and their corpulent next door neighbour Carl. They live in New Jersey in a less-than-salubrious situation. There are plenty of badly thought out attempts to score booze, cash, women, and booze. And cash...

Aqua Teen Hunger Force is an animated cartoon series that started on the Cartoon Network in December 2000.

Each episode begins at Doctor Weird's laboratory. Here the evil doctor and his assistant, Steve, create new horrors. The episodes collected represent the last half of season two of the show. However, they're not in their original broadcast order.

Highlights of this 2-disc collection include:

Total Re-Carl: Carl is killed testing Fry's environmentally sound toilet, so the gang decide to try and rebuild him.

Revenge of the Trees: After Carl and Shakes tip a load of used cooking oil into the woods, the trees want revenge for such a terrible act. Shakes is summoned to Wood Court.

The: Fed up with Shakes increasingly ridiculous plans, Fry moves out.

The Last One: The Moonanites gather together every evil creature that has met the Aqua Teen Hunger Force in a bid to destory their fast food enemies for ever.

The Shaving: It's Halloween and the gang have just discovered there's a rather pathetic monster living in their loft. The monster, known as Willie Nelson, needs toughening up if he is to frighten anyone.

Extras include audio commentaries; scripts for four episodes (with audio); On Loan From the Private Collection of Vishal Roney (7 min, 37 sec photo gallers of sketches and production drawings set to music); How to Score Big Money Writing for Television (36 min, 25 sec behind the scenes look at the writing and read through of an episode); Put this on your Phone for Instant Popularity (collection of humorous answer machine phone messages); Promos (various TV ads for the show); three versions of Shakes's Birthday Song; Deleted Scenes (4 min, 08 sec); and trailers for other shows.


Darren Rea

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