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Spécialité du Chef


Starring: Ludovic Bergaut, Christine Bruneau and Ghalem Chenneh
Oh My Gore!
Certificate: 18
Available 28 February 2010

A near naked man wakes up to find he is suspended by chains attached to a metal plate across his mouth. Eventually, he manages to prise it off. Another three bodies are hanging nearby. He finds his way into another room where several people are being kept in a zombie-like state with chemical injections. Meanwhile, the man's wife arrives home from a trip to discover he hasn't been seen for a few days. With the knowledge that his last assignment had been to write a piece on a new Asian restaurant, she takes along a photograph. After being told they haven't seen him, she decides to eat there and selects the chef's special. Somewhere nearby, the man finds his way into what looks like a restaurant kitchen, where he is set upon once more...

This is a strange one indeed. It's like an illicit liaison between Hostel and The Cook, the Thief, His Wife and Her Lover - by way of Saw. I was certainly unprepared for the short running time (around 28 minutes), as this is what new directors often do to prove to the film company that they possess the skills and material to make a full-length version. This feels very much like an X-rated Twilight Zone episode.

This French film with English (Spanish or German) subtitles is the first in a prospective batch of releases from Oh My Gore! Distribution. It's a Digipack limited to only 1000 copies. The fact that it contains one DVD 5 disc testifies to the fact there is very little material on show here. There is a commentary, a handful of short trailers and a Making of... documentary. However, the English subtitles only work for the film itself (and very few words are spoken), so when you go to the documentary in an attempt to learn some background you are well and truly stymied - unless of course you speak fluent French. Furthermore, all the packaging is in French, which is okay but difficult for reviewing purposes.


Ty Power