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Razor's Ring


Starring: Casey Wayne, Annie Scott Rogers and Paul Schilens
RRP: £12.99
Certificate: 18
Available 03 May 2010

Businessman Scott is out jogging when he is forced at gunpoint into the back of a car by a young couple on the run from the police. Playing a ruthless game of running down animals or people for points, the couple run down an old man, only to subsequently crash and be abducted - along with Scott -  by the retribution-seeking family of the old man. They are locked in a shed and periodically subjected to torment and torture. Eventually they are introduced to the head of the family - an elderly and seemingly fragile woman known as 'Red'. She appears to listen to reason, and when the runaway couple is taken from the shed, Scott is told they have been released, and he is to be the guest of honour at a family and friends dinner party...

You don't have to be Einstein to work out what happens next. The gunman character, who likes to be known as Razor, possesses a ring which turns out to be of more significance later in the film. It is about the only thing that is of significance in the film. In truth, it's rather slow and uneventful, and even somewhat pointless. Scott experiences some strange visions, whilst asleep, which involve his girlfriend (no, not those sort of dreams! Your mind shouldn't be let out in public), and even though there is an attempt to create a certain surrealism, it doesn't lead to anything. Instead, it's simply forgotten.

The effects appear to scrape their way past the obvious low budget; however, storyline and characters are more important, which is why you just can't keep your mind from wandering during this one.


Ty Power

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