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Starring (voice): Amber Tamblyn, Joel David Moore, Zachary Levi and Tricia Helfer
indi Vision
RRP: £14.99
Certificate: 15
Available 24 May 2010

A socially inadequate introvert called Mason works as a tele-sales operator at an insurance company. His only friend in the world is Berkeley, his boss, a shallow womaniser but someone who genuinely looks after Mason's welfare. Mason is a talented sketch artist and painter; when Amber, a work colleague from a different floor, begins to take an interest in him, he feels a tentative connection which culminates in her posing for a number of portraits. However, as their relationship grows stronger, Amber discovers a number of sketch pads in a drawer. Each has a different woman's name on the cover, and contains a series of poses, the same in each book. Mason has previously refused to show her his last sketch, but when she sees it in the other sketch books, Amber begins to seriously fear for her safety...

Quite often the success or otherwise of a film like this can hinge on performance of a solitary actor. It's the reason why Tony - London Serial Killer works so well. I'm not condemning the acting abilities of the rest of the cast (which are more than competent), merely stating that if the role of Mason is not convincing then the remainder of the film will collapse like a house of cards. It's a pivotal moment that proves remarkably successful here. I particularly like the stark contrast in characterisation between Mason and Amber (her constantly chatty, him quiet and formal with occasional bursts of feeling).

Mason and his friend Berkeley prove even more like chalk and cheese. The scene when Berkeley throws his current girlfriend out of his house at Christmas dinner because she complains about Mason's behaviour is a poignant moment which displays the strength of their often turbulent friendship.

All of this is peppered with Mason's mental anguish when he keeps thinking he sees a person who can't possibly be there. The troubled glances toward a room at the end of his apartment which emits a column of light early in the film are intriguing. There's a double twist at the conclusion of the film, which I won't reveal here, and events come to an end at precisely the right moment.

This is one of those movies which leaves you pleasantly surprised at just how good a construct it is. Highly recommended to not only horror enthusiasts but primarily to followers of psychological suspense thrillers.


Ty Power

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