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Satan's Baby Doll


Starring: Marina Hedman, Mariangela Giordano and Jacqueline Dupré
Shameless Screen Entertainment
RRP: £15.99
Certificate: 18
Available 31 May 2010

A middle-aged woman has been murdered, and now lies in the family mausoleum. Her spirit is supposedly still contained within her body, and somebody has designs on using her for revenge. But who is using who? The main target appears to be the woman's own family. Her surviving husband is a cruel and sadistic womaniser. However, the beautiful young daughter suffers erotic dreams and possession at the hands of her dead mother. But to what purpose...?

I really had to struggle with the synopsis for this one because there doesn't appear to be much of a plot. The director, Mario Bianchi, is apparently well known for pornographic movies, and that is certainly reflected in Satan's Baby Doll. I believe this is an early attempt to break into mainstream film making, but even the marketing paperwork describes it as Eurosleaze. The entire running time appears to consist of soft porn set-pieces: a woman masturbating while a disabled family member secretly looks on, a young woman's erotic dream, the dead woman's naked form being caressed, and a devout catholic housekeeper's lesbian tendencies - are just a few examples.

Don't waste your time and money on this one. It's not even titillating, merely tedious. Extras include the Shameless Rebuild (watching the film with cut segments restored but not mastered), and trailers.


Ty Power

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