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Adventures of a Teenage Dragon Slayer


Starring: Wendie Malick, Lea Thompson, Eric Lutes and Hunter Allan
High Fliers
RRP: £12.99
Certificate: PG
Available 09 August 2010

Twelve year old Arthur’s life as a nerd is less than magical, spending his time being picked on by the school bully and role playing fantasy games with his friends in the local sewers. An unexpected meeting with a troll opens Arthur’s eyes to the fact that he possesses the secret to taming a vicious dragon, but how to convince his friends and his mother...

Adventures of a Teenage Dragon Slayer (2010 - 1 hr, 32 min, 48 sec) is a childrens fantasy film, written by Jamie Nash and directed by Andrew Lauer.

This is an independent film, obviously shot on a pretty tight budget. It follows the adventures of Arthur as he discovers his power; with his friends and the help of his mother he fulfils his destiny by destroying the dragon and the hated school principle. The plot is pretty generic, it’s not that it’s badly written it’s just that there’s nothing here that you wouldn’t have seen in other films.

The acting is pretty average, but not actually dire and the overall naiveties of the film harkens back to a type of movie that Disney used to make thirty years ago.

As well as Hunter Allen as Arthur, the film sports at least a couple of actors that you will recognise in the form of Lea Thompson (Back to the Future) who plays his mother and Wendie Malick who plays vice-principle Metz.

The disc supplied had only the film burned as a file, so I have no idea if the finished product will sport any extras or a better picture, which seems to have suffered in conversion leading to a very soft picture.

The special effects are of the television variety, okay for you to get the feel of what the makers were aiming for, but their dragon is unlikely to compete favourably with bigger budget beasts.

The film is likely to appeal to young children for whom the criticisms of an adult will mean little; the film is engaging, even cute at times and is certainly family friendly.


Charles Packer

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