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Robot Chicken
Season 4


Starring (voice): Seth Green, Breckin Meyer, Chad Morgan and Tom Root
Revolver Entertainment
RRP: £19.99
Certificate: 15
Available 30 August 2010

Robot Chicken: Season 4 is the stuff that heartfelt, uplifting, high-priced musical theatre is made of. Except maybe for the action-figure dismemberment, evil santa-snowmen and constant kicks in the plastic nutsacks. Dick Cheney dons the Iron Man armor! Star Trek II gets boiled down into a two-minute opera! And Tila Tequila's sexy secrets - like the one where she's a murderous android - are revealed...

Robot Chicken: Season 4 contains more animated toy fun... only for some reason the jokes seem a lot less enjoyable than in earlier seasons. It could be that we know what to expect, it could be that once you've seen one gory animated toy death you've seen them all or it could be that the writers are getting a little tired, but there are a few too may gags that just don't work - not to mention a few too many that rely on you being aware of what American-specific TV show/celebrity they are referencing, and quite a lot of them are unknown outside of America. But this isn't a huge problem as you can generally get the gist of the joke.

The show, as you'd expect does poke fun at many a movie and TV show. Highlights include Seth Green going to see other TV show creators (Joss Whedon, Ron Moore and Seth MacFarlane); Goonies; Bond Christmas Jones gags; Pluto Nash; He-Man; Hannah Montana; construction of the booby trapped cave at the start of Raiders of the Lost Ark; Wrath of Kahn opera; Harry Potter; Bionic Woman; Baby Terminator; Santa Claus as Bond; Star Trek: The Next Generation; The Dark Crystal; Sarah Connor Chronicles; Back to the Future; Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade and Cloverfield.

Extras include Chicken Nuggets (four episodes with access to video commentary); San Diego Comic-Con '08 Panel (10 min, 40 sec Q&A); Day in the Life (10 min, 36 sec collection of featurettes that follow a crew member around for the day); New York Comic-Con '09 Panel (7 min, 34 sec Q&A); Alternate Audio (3 min, 56 sec of alternate takes); Australian Visit (5 min, 32 sec worth of features that show the press tour and promos used to promote the launch of Robot Chicken in Australia); Deleted Animatics (5 min, 46 sec worth of animatics for culled sketches - each with crew introductions); Deleted Scenes (7 min, 43 sec of deleted scenes with crew introductions); and Video Blogs (22 min, 12 sec behind the scenes footage - mostly this is footage of guest stars in the recording booth).

While still highly entertaining, the fourth season of Robot Chicken isn't a patch on the previous releases.


Darren Rea

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