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Bionic Ever After?


Starring: Lee Majors and Lindsay Wagner
Mediumrare Entertainment
RRP: £12.99
FHED 2764
Certificate: PG
Available 27 September 2010

Following the events in Bionic Showdown, Steve Austin (Lee Majors) and Jamie Sommers (Lindsay Wagner) are in the final days before they get married when Jamie starts to become ill. With her health declining she calls off the marriage, distressed and needing distract Austin takes on a mission to rescue a hostage, his time with a new partner. Things start to look grim for Sommers until it is discovered that her bionics have been infiltrated with a virus, but who could have done this...

Bionic Ever After (1994 - 1 hr, 26 min, 44 sec) is the last of the made for television film to spring from The Six Million Dollar Man and was directed by Steve Stafford.

It’s a shame that the last story from this long running and well, loved science fiction series should end up as one of its weakest and most generic. The convoluted plot sees the daughter of one of the scientists responsible for the bionics feeling that her father had been coned out of his rewards and glory, ending his days as an alcoholic. This on its own may have provided an interesting look at the history of the show, but we also have a subplot with a terrorist, Miles Hendrick, taking over an embassy in the Bahamas and threatening to launch a nuclear missile. This, rather pedestrian, plot finally takes over the whole show.

There is the usual welcome and familiar regular cast, but both Majors and Wagner had reached an age where they are less than convincing as action heroes.

Still, for fans of the show, it did finally bring a sense of closure on the series, with the wedding, something which is very rare today.

The print is pretty good for a television film, though the DVD disc contains no extras.


Charles Packer

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