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Bionic Showdown


Starring: Lee Majors, Lindsay Wagner and Sandra Bullock
Mediumrare Entertainment
RRP: £12.99
FHED 2763
Certificate: PG
Available 27 September 2010

With the World Unity Games due to start, OSI discovers that vital security information is being leaked, leaked by someone who could only be bionic. As the only two bionic operative, Steve Austin and Jaime Sommers are the natural suspects. With time running out Austin and Sommers are in a desperate fight to clear their names...

Bionic Showdown (1989 - 1 hr, 32 min, 01 sec) is a made for television film directed by Alan J. Levi.

The Six Million Dollar Man had proved to be a successful show, so much so that it spawned The Bionic Woman and found its way into a multitude of different media. Even following the show's cancellation there was enough interest in the show to create a number of television films.

This one is notable for having a skimpily dressed Sandra Bullock playing the part of Kate Mason, a young lady who is paralysed, but given another chance with the help of Bionic implants. Shortly following this appearance she would appear in Speed and her career took on a whole new level.

The film is typical of eighties films, I mean that they were cheaply made. This wasn’t so much of a problem for this show as the Six Million Dollar Man wasn’t particularly known for its cutting edge special effect, in fact when Austin (Lee Majors) ran at super speed the film was slowed down and a strange twanging noise played to indicate that they were using their bionics.

This movie was also notable as being the show when Austin finally asked Sommers (Lindsay Wagner) to marry him or, as it turns out, he spends so much time getting to the point that she proposes to him.

There’s nothing particularly deep here, this is a movie made for the fans and in that sense it ticks all the boxes, including the inclusion of Richard Anderson as Oscar Goldman.

The print is in good condition for a television movie. The disc contains no extras.


Charles Packer

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