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Starring: Adrien Brody, Sarah Polley and Delphine Chanéac
Optimum Home Entertainment
RRP: £17.99
Certificate: 15
Available 29 November 2010

Two young scientists are attempting to isolate genes from a newly created hybrid creature for the purposes of combating certain diseases. However, unbeknown to the company, they have created another creature with human DNA present. The animal-human hybrid becomes both smart and unpredictable. Initially, scared, they come to love the creature. But their unusual child continues to transmogrify, eventually metamorphosing into something very different and very dangerous...

I very much expected this film to be a third rate copy of Species (and I didn’t even like that film very much). However, I was immediately intrigued by the concept and how it was played out. There is a morbid fascination which draws you in and ultimately makes for compelling viewing.

One of the largest moral dilemmas we are ever likely to confront as human beings is present and foremost in this movie. The human ingredient in this hybrid makes the creature at once both an abomination and a sentient being with human rights. It’s a Frankenstein tale of sorts, but pushed to the very limits. Instead of of an animated monster made from dead human body parts, what we have here is an evolving inter-species organism, which takes on some human characteristics whilst remaining a long way from being human. Just when the key players are growing attached to it, there is a further development which makes it even less human - merely humanoid. The survival of the creature could almost certainly seriously affect the ecological balance of the planet, but can they remove themselves emotionally enough to do what is necessary?

There are some nice extras included on the disc: an informative interview with director Vincenzo Natali, who also directed the excellent Cube; a 32-minute featurette (A Director’s Playground); a 33-minute Behind the Scenes documentary (including extraordinary visual effects and make-up); and a Trailer. This is one of those films which very naturally portrays what might well happen in the near future, and leaves you thinking at the conclusion of events. It is well worth a look.


Ty Power

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