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Hush Unwrapped (Hardback)


Author: Jeph Loeb
Artist: Jim Lee
Titan Books
RRP: £29.99, US $39.99, Cdn $46.99
ISBN: 978 0 85768 183 6
Available 29 July 2011

When a young boy is kidnapped and held to ransom Batman soon discovers that Killer Croc and Catwoman are behind it. But they seem to be acting weirdly. On the heels of Catwoman, someone cuts our hero's batline, sending him tumbling to an almost certain doom. When he comes around, Batman is back at Wayne Manor in very bad shape. Alfred calls on the services of one of Bruce Wayne's oldest and closest friends, who is now a top surgeon, to patch things up so that our hero can continue his hunt for the brains behind the kidnapping...

Hush Unwrapped is a rather bizarre release. It collects together the Hush story arc, but is presented without Scott Williams's inking or Alex Sinclair's colouring. This, personally, I found rather insulting - as though the publishers are saying that Williams and Sinclair didn't do a very good job. They did, and proof of this is the fact that a lot of Lee's sketches make no sense without the shading or colouring to define certain elements.

While there's no disputing that Lee's art work is spectacular, Hush Unwrapped is the comic book equivalent of taking The Godfather movie and producing a black and white edition with no sound. This is a rather silly idea that will only appeal to hardcore comic book fans who totally love Hush and want to see what the finished sketches looked like.


Darren Rea

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