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Super Gran
The Complete Second Series


Starring: Gudrun Ure and Iain Cuthbertson
RRP: £19.99
Certificate: PG
Available 16 May 2011

In the sleepy town of Chiselton, following an accidentally, Super Gran is imbued with special powers to fight evil in the town, especially that of her arch nemesis The Scunner Campbell. Her crime fighting life is further enhanced with the strange inventions of professor Black...

Super Gran (1980) was a children’s television show made by Tyne Tees Television, staring Gudrun Ure as Gran and Iain Cuthbertson as Campbell. The show’s title song was sung by Billy Connolly and reached number 32 in the charts - must have been a very slow year.

Like a lot of the children’s television made at the time, the show is very non-challenging, presumably made for five year olds. There is no actual threat from any of the characters and Gran always wins over the incompetent villain. The format of the stories remained pretty much the same, but that did not stop it becoming a firm children’s favourite when it was first transmitted.

Series two for the show has been released onto DVD consisting of all thirteen episodes. However the first disc starts off with the 1986 Christmas special Super Gran: The World's Worst Circus.

It’s all good clean and extremely safe entertainment for children, the show even attracted some notable guest stars, including Patrick Troughton’s last appearance, Spike Milligan, Charles Hawtrey, Geoff Capes and Gary Glitter.

The DVD does have an extra in the form of a Making of (26 min, 07 sec), which features a lot of behind the scenes footage as well as some comments from cast and crew. The picture has not been restored, but is still fine, with only the occasional print dirt.

Presumably, there must have been enough punters who bought the first series, for the second to be released. So, for them, this should complete their collection. I wasn’t a great fan of the show either now or then, but its good clean fun with a moral core. Not something you see often enough these days in children's programs.


Charles Packer

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