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Vampire Knight Guilty
Volume 4


Starring (voice): Daisuke Kishio, Mamoru Miyano and Yui Horie
Manga Entertainment
RRP: £12.99
Certificate: 12
Available 08 August 2011

Yuki Cross finds herself stuck between two worlds as a ‘Day Class’ Guardian at the Cross Academy, run by her adoptive father Kaien Cross. Her job is to protect the female students of the day class from the boys of the night class. It’s not just their womanhood that needs protecting, as the attractive boys of the night class are all vampires, led by Kaname Kuran. The principle, Kaien Cross, hopes to foster understanding between the two races, but some cannot forgive the vampires for what they are - including Yuki’s partner and childhood friend, vampire hunter Zero Kiryuu...

Vampire Knight Guilty: Volume 4 sees the show finally come to an end, with the last three episodes from this second season.

After the entire time spent navel gazing it was nice to see that the show finished more on a bang than on a whimper. That is not to say that during the breaks in the final confrontation the characters don’t find time to reminisce about their past of the true nature of vampirism.

The race here is to get to Rido and kill him before he gets to our heroes. To be honest the show has always gone its own way, from its distinctive character design to the insistence on a more introverted style of storytelling that I honestly couldn’t guess whether the coming blood bath would see the end of Yuki and Zero or whether they would prevail to bring order back to the vampire clans. The final ending sees them both win and lose, a bittersweet finale.

The show gets a fine 1.78:1 anamorphic transfer, with audio options for either an English or Japanese 2.0 track. The disc contains no extras.

So a fitting end to a show which tried to be different with mixed results.


Charles Packer

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