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Author: Warren Ellis
Artist: Garrie Gastonny
Titan Books
RRP: £13.50, US $17.99
ISBN: 978 1 59291 099 1
Available 02 February 2012

What if the arms race of global superpowers did not yield nuclear stockpiles, but rather messianic beings capable of wondrous miracles and - when needed - the ability to unleash the wrath of gods? But when the scientists, generals and politicians built super-humans to save the planet, no one ever imagined how their heroes would do it - or even if they'd want to. Behold the apocalyptic tomorrow, when supermen kill us all and end the world just because we wanted to be rescued by human-shaped things from beyond Science itself...

Supergod comes from the mind of Warren Ellis, the creator of Transmetropolitan and Planetary, with art by Garries Gastonny. While it's hardly an original story (mankind creates superheroes to protect their nations... and things don't go quite as planned) it's the way the tale is executed that makes this an interesting read.

This collection beautifully depicts mankind's arrogance and shear stupidity when it comes to the survival of its own future. What starts off as a bid to stay one step ahead of the other nations when it comes to power, soon ends in disaster when the created super-humans disregard mankind as nothing more than we regard ants.

An interesting read, well illustrated.


Nick Smithson

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