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Graphic Novel Review

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Swirlies (Hardback)


Author: Roman Dirge
Artist: Roman Dirge
Titan Books
RRP: £12.99, US $17.95, Cdn $21.50
ISBN: 978 1 84856 390 2
Available 24 August 2012

The World's most delightfully deceased girl returns, this time encountering hair hobos, a cyborg undertaker, and her stalker Mr. Gosh and his magical Cupcake Castle. And that's just for starters. Return once again to the dark, surreal world of Lenore, the girl with a knack for unintentional mayhem and occasional wanton destruction...

Swirlies is the fourth collection of Roman Dirge's deliciously deranged undead creation, and includes the extremely rare issue #13.

It's another fantastic collection. However, the only downside is that you'll be able to read it under an hour... but then you'll want to read this over and over again.

Highlights in this collection include The Birfday Party, in which Lenore manages to find a birthday party invitation that was meant for someone else and ends up accidentally killing the other children; The Macabre Malevolence of Mortimer Fledge, which reveals the origins of Lenore's undead rebirth; Where the Flutter Ends, in which Mr Gosh finally realises Lenore will never return his advances. However, when Lenore realises that Mr Gosh has recently been left a Cupcake Castle, she suddenly takes an interest in him; and Where Pooty At?, where we discover that Lenore has been doing cruel things with Ragamuffin while he sleeps.

If you're a fan of Lenore already then you'll have already preordered this volume. For everyone else, this is the perfect place to discover everyone's favourite little dead girl.


Darren Rea

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