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Graphic Novel Review

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The Dogs of Edinburgh


Author: Brian Wood
Artist: Grant Bond
Titan Books
RRP: £10.99, US $14.99
ISBN: 978 1 78116 408 2
Available 04 September 2012

Travelling solo to Scotland in pursuit of occult knowledge only the ancient civilisations of Europe possess, Sam Winchester stumbles across something even better: Emma of the Isles, a raven-haired beauty on the same mission. Emma is a breaker - that's what hunters are called across the pond. She recruits Sam into a whirlwind of guns-blazing attacks on Scotland's supernatural predators... and an unforgettable night of romance. Then she disappears. Three years pass without a word from the woman Sam damn near fell in love with at first sight. But when a mysterious package arrives from abroad, containing a phone, a map, a gun and a series of newspaper clippings about murders and disappearances along the Scottish coast, Sam knows Emma need him and his brother Dean more than ever...

The Dogs of Edinburgh was originally published in comic book form in Supernatural Volume 4 - issues #1-6. It's loosely based on the Winchester brothers from the Supernatural TV series. I say "loosely" because, as with all good story telling, this just happens to be a good story with Sam Winchester thrown into the middle of the plot.

The tale follows Sam who travels to Scotland and falls for a beautiful young woman called Emma. They engage in an evening of supernatural activity and passion, only for Emma to vanish the next day.

Sam goes home and gets back on with his life, until three years later when he receives a strange parcel that indicates that Emma needs his help. He heads back to Scotland to engage in more paranormal activity - however, this time Emma has something she needs to reveal to him.

The story is simple enough, and hardly original, but it's well constructed. Likewise, the artwork is simple, but perfect for the story.

Supernatural fans will enjoy this, as there's a little back story to an old flame of Sam's, and those that like good old fashioned romances will also find this has much to offer. Of course, there's also a good helping of supernatural activity - just to make sure that this keeps everyone happy.


Darren Rea

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