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Magazine Review

Book Cover

The Walking Dead
The Official Magazine
Issue #1


Editor: Toby Weidmann
Titan Magazines
RRP: £4.99, US $9.99, Cdn $9.99
ISBN: 0 74470 26204 6
Available 08 November 2012 (UK); 23 October 2012 (USA)

Issue #1 of Titan Magazine's official The Walking Dead magazine features 100 pages that take an inside look at the TV show, comics and everything in-between: The Walking Dead creator/writer Robert Kirkman reveals what’s coming up next on the TV show, which broke basic cable records again with the season three premiere, and how the shocking events of issue #100 of The Walking Dead comic will affect Rick and our favourite survivors; an exclusive interview with Danai Gurira, who plays the iconic character “Michonne”; an exclusive prologue to the new The Walking Dead book, The Road to Woodbury, about the rise of Philip Blake aka The Governor written by Jay Bonansinga and Robert Kirkman; behind-the-scenes set visit report; executive producer/showrunner Glen Mazzara reveals why he’s so excited about season three; plus, all the latest news, revelations and tips for fans of the entire The Walking Dead universe...

For fans of The Walking Dead, Titan Magazine's official magazine is an essential purchase. Not only will it give you a ton of behind the scenes information on the show as it enters its third season, but it also takes a look at the comic book series (which fans will know differs in places from the events that unfold in the show) as well as some of the cool merchandise you may have missed. There's also an exclusive seven page story penned by Jay Bonansinga.

Even the magazine's ads are mostly for official The Walking Dead merchandise - or generic zombie related products.

My only slight complaint, which isn't really even a complaint, is that I wasn't sure whether the editorial team of an "official magazine" should also be reviewing the merchandise objectively. While I'm sure Robert Kirkman and Jay Bonansinga's The Walking Dead novel The Road to Woodbury is worthy of the reviews 4 out of 5 stars, if the reviewer had disliked it would they have been allowed to give it a low mark? I'm guessing not. So politics are bound to come into play, but then most readers will realise this. And, as there are only two reviews in the entire magazine it's not really a huge problem.

What's not to like here? The editorial content is fantastic, the layout pleasing on the eye and the whole thing will you feel like you have a lot more information on the show than your friends. It's what every The Walking Dead fans has been waiting for.


NIck Smithson