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Sand Sharks


Starring: Corin Nemec, Gina Holden, Julie Berman, Brooke Hogan, Nick Hogan and Vanessa Lee Evigan
Chelsea Films
RRP: £12.99
Certificate: 15
Available 09 January 2012

On the small island of White Sands the head of a dune biker is found. Evidence points strongly to a shark attack, but it is too far up the beach. A shark expert is called in, and the sheriff wants to close the beach. However, the deputy sheriff’s ex-boyfriend turns up with a proposal to put White Sands back on the map. He wants to hold a huge beach party, inviting teens country wide. In reality, he wants to make money to pay the mobsters on his trail, but the mayor sanctions his plans, and it helps when the mayor is your own father. Even when he witnesses a sand shark consume his financial aid, he fails to warn anyone, seeing only dollar signs behind his eyes. Pretty soon the party is underway, and the vibrations caused by the loud music attract a hoard of sand sharks who have now tasted blood. No one takes any notice of the grisled old timer, but he may be their only salvation...

Sand Sharks wobbles unsteadily on top of the fence between horror B-movie and farce. The promotional blurb says it has its tongue firmly in cheek, although sometimes it tries too hard to be straight Jaws-type mainstream horror. This is where it trips up and becomes extremely cliched. I think the director should have planned an all-out spoof from the beginning, because the action has a lot going for it in that respect.

Stereotypical characters like the old codger who says he can help, but who everyone ignores reminds me of many past examples of film village loons who step out suddenly and say, “Don go thar! Strange things be ‘appening.” The funniest moment - and even now I’m not certain if it was intended to be humorous - involved the first shark attack on the partygoers. There are no more than fifty-odd teens on the beach, but when a shark emerges from the sand they spend an age screaming and running in different directions in what looks like a blatant attempt to make it seem as if there are considerably more people involved.

The composite rendering of the sharks is somewhat cartoony, but thankfully no shot is dwelled upon long enough for you to sit there and note its more intricate faults.

Much as I’ve pointed out the shortcomings of Sand Sharks, it is a fun viewing experience in the manner that you might enjoy a 1950s B-movie, warts and all.


Ty Power

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