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American Dad
Volume 7


Starring (voice): Seth MacFarlane, Wendy Schaal, Rachael MacFarlane, Scott Grimes and Dee Bradley Baker
Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment
RRP: £27.99
Certificate: 15
Available 14 May 2012

Take a trip down to the metropolitan area of Washington DC’s Langley Falls, and join number one Dad and CIA Agent Stan Smith and his crazy dysfunctional family. Follow the antics of the Smiths as they entangle themselves in ever more ridiculous situations. From Stan’s sweet trophy wife Francine to his socially-awkward pre-teen son Steve; along with his ultra-liberal daughter Hayley, Roger - the alcoholic Extra Terrestrial rescued from Area 51, and let’s not forget Klaus, the lascivious German-speaking goldfish...

Volume 7 of American Dad hits a new comedy milestone as the series celebrates its 100th episode; 100 A.D, with an unexpected Smith family wedding. As the season progresses, wife Francine sees a hypnotherapist to remember elements of her repressed past, Roger the alien and Stan attempt to open a restaurant together, Fran starts working in construction and Steve gets stuck in the gorilla cage at the local zoo.

Once again, things get a little complicated for UK American Dad! fans, as this DVD collection collects together all 19 episodes of the show's sixth season (which is why the release is entitled "Volume" 7 rather than "Season" 7).

Stand out episodes include:

Son of Stan: When Stan and Francine disagree on how to raise Steve, Stan brings in a clone of their son so that they can both raise him how they see fit and see which one turns out best. For any parents out there with a teenage son, this episode will really hit home.

For Whom the Sleigh Bell Tolls: It's Christmas in Langley Falls and Steve accidentally kills Santa. Santa is real, and immortal, and sets about making the Smiths pay for shooting him in cold blood.

Fartbreak Hotel: Steve travels back in time, by the power of his mind, to 1981 in order to meet the model in a painting he has fallen in love with. Francine is mistaken for someone else and decides to live her life as it's more exciting than being a housewife.

Stanny Boy and Frantastic: Worried that their lives are boring, and that they have no friends, Stan and Francine become best friends with a much younger couple. However, keeping up with them is not as easy as they thought.

I am the Walrus: During an evening meal Steve finishes first. Usually Stan is the first to finish and sees this as a threat to his place in the pecking order of the household. Is Steve challenging Stan for dominance in the family? Stan's taking no chances, and sets about proving to his son that he's still the man of the house.

Jenny Fromdabloc: Snot becomes withdrawn when Hayley is not reciprocating his advances. To bring him out of his depression, Steve gets Roger to pretend to be an out of town girl who has just moved to the area. Roger and Snot go out, but then start dating. When Roger and Snot have sex, Steve realises that things have gone a little too far.

Extras include Deleted Scenes for every episode; Audio Commentaries for the majority of episodes; I Love Patrick Stewart (8 min, 10 sec look at the cast and crews thoughts on working with Stewart; and American Dad at Comic-Con 2010 (13 min, 46 sec Q&A).

The writing seems to be improving as the show ages - although I have to confess I still don't find it half as funny or intelligently written as Family Guy.


Darren Rea

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