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Storage 24


Starring: Antionia Campbell-Hughes, Colin O'Donoghue, Laura Haddock and Noel Clarke
Universal Pictures (UK)
RRP: £12.99
Certificate: 15
Available 29 October 2012

Charlie and his best friend Mark are driving to a storage unit where his girlfriend, who has just dumped him, wants to meet-up and split their belongings. A military cargo plane crash has wreaked havoc with the traffic. When they arrive in the evening they find a damaged security crate. Once inside the building the pair meet the estranged girlfriend, Shelley and two of her friends. During the inevitable arguments there is a power outage, as a result of the plane crash, causing all the shutters to lock in place. The group find themselves closed in, and they are not alone. Whatever was in the damaged crate outside is now somewhere in the labyrinthine corridors. It’s a predator and it isn’t human...

Noel Clarke obviously isn’t a man to rest back on his laurels, After putting himself on the map playing Mickey, alongside Billie Piper and Christopher Eccleston/David Tennant on Doctor Who, he built-up his own production company and created the award-winning Kidulthood and its sequel, Adulthood. Clarke sensibly keeps one step away from crossing the line into action hero territory, and theyby making himself look foolish and cliched. The fact that this is a home grown sci-fi horror thriller, the Bruce Willis-with-a-dirty-vest-character simply wouldn’t have worked.

Storage 24 is very obviously a low budget film, so it takes the logical route of being a claustrophobic, one-set location - a cross between a siege flick and Agatha Christie’s Ten Little Indians. So, within this boundary, how can it shine? Well, special effects are used to create the illusion of a confusing network of identical corridors and ventilation shafts. Furthermore, the alien creature itself is very well realised, albeit sporting an exaggerated version of the movie Predator face.

This is a cheaper version of Alien, but it’s fun nevertheless. I also liked the view of the city skyline we are shown at the end; it definitely gives more emphasis to what we have just witnessed. Extras include a commentary featuring Noel Clarke and director Johannes Roberts; Deleted Scenes; A Day in the Life... featuring Clarke and Roberts; and a Featurette.


Ty Power

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