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Sound of my Voice


Starring: Christopher Denham, Nicole Vicius and Brit Marling
Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment
RRP: £19.99
Certificate: 15
Available 26 November 2012

When documentary filmmakers Peter and Lorna infiltrate a mysterious cult led by an enigmatic young woman, Maggie, they get more than they bargained for. The serene but suspicious leader claims to be a traveller from the year 2054 whose vocation is to save a chosen few and prepare them for what lies ahead... Mesmerising and manipulative, Maggie drives the young couple to question - does she truly hold the key to enlightenment or is she simply the creator of a cruel conspiracy...?

Sound of my Voice is an interesting psychological tale that follows Peter and Lorna as they try and infiltrate a cult in order to make a documentary. However, they get more than they bargained for when this cult's leader, Maggie, claims to be from the future, having travelled back from the year 2054. Of course it's a complete crock, but the more Peter investigates the less sure he is. Eventually Peter's project is put to the test when Maggie asks him to bring her a young girl that goes to the school Peter teaches at. If he fails he will be thrown out of the group, but what is more important? Seeing his film project through to the end or stopping an apparent mad woman from kidnapping a young girl?

This film won't be to everyone's tastes. In fact, if you like action, adventure and having your hand held through the visual experience - with the director bashing you over the head with where your thoughts should be directed - then you'll be totally lost in this movie.

Sound of my Voice is a film for those that like to have their mind stimulated. How you interpret the movie's ending will say more about you than you can ever describe. Are you a cynic or a believer; a doubter or an embracer; grounded in reality or open to the possibility of the unknown; gullible or clinical?

If you follow the movie, it's really about Peter's journey from sceptic to opening up his eyes. Personally, and I know this won't be everyone's view, I saw it as confirmation of the way that cults work and how they are able to suck in the most sceptical and well grounded of people, by letting them tell themselves what they want to hear - things so deeply buried that they've managed to lie to themselves for years. The truth is, we are all social creatures and no matter how much we may deny it, we all need to find our place in the group. This is why the cults work so well. Everyone is equal (apart from the ridiculous power the cult leader wields) and all the bullsh*t that we surround ourselves with to make us feel special is no longer of importance.

This is a film that will reward you through repeated viewings, opening your mind to different possibilities. There are so many red herrings thrown into the visuals, that a second viewing is almost a necessity.

There are no extras, which I feel is a shame. At the very least a director's commentary would have been useful.


Darren Rea

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