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The Smurfs
Love Smurfette X


Starring (voice): Don Messick, Paul Winchell, Danny Goldman, Lucille Bliss, June Foray and Michael Bell
Distributor: Fabulous Films / Arrow Films
RRP: £5.99
Certificate: U
Release Date: 01 July 2013

Smurfette holds a special place in the pantheon of Smurfs. The only female Smurf, she was created, for evil ends, by Gargamel, but was rescued by Papa Smurf. She was a primordial force thrust into the Smurfs world turning their neutered existence upside down, she was Bardot in God Created Woman, Eve in a Smurf Garden of Eden, she turned their heads and introduced sex into a world that had only known male love. But can we ever be sure that she has turned her back on the life of evil envisioned by Gargamel...?

To celebrate this force of nature The Smurfs Love Smurfette X has found its way to DVD with six scintillating stories featuring this blue temptress. Only by examining these six records can we hope to discover whether she remains a force for good or the hidden viper in the land of Smurfs.

Smurfette’s Rose (11 min, 45 sec) and Smurfette isn’t happy with the way the world is. There are no blue roses, approaching mother nature she is given a spell to turn a rose blue, but only if she promises never to cut it. As a consequence Smurfette turns white, distraught at these turn of events she back tracks on her promise and cuts the blue rose. Papa Smurf reassures her that it is fine to lie sometimes.

So in just one episode we see Smurfette flying in the face of nature, lying to get something which nature abhors and finally corrupting Papa Smurf so that he thinks it’s ok to lie. Nuance is introduced as we witness the two sides of her nature arguing, represented by a small red devil and blue angel. I think that this easily demonstrates that Smurfette is a hideous canker in the soul of the Smurfs.

Smurfette’s Lucky Star (13 min, 10 sec) and Smurfette is given a great gift: a lucky star which grants her every wish, but this is not enough for this Smurfette, her insistent wishes means that her star falls to earth and is captured by Gargamel. Rescuing the star the Smurfs discover that the Smurfette greed has drained the star of all its light. The other Smurfs try and reignite the star, but its only hope is to flee Smurfette.

With this episode, Smurfette adds the deadly sin of gluttony to her crumbling soul, not content to have access to anything in the world, her voracious appetites nearly kill the thing which she most relies on to feed her narcissistic personality.

Clockwork Smurfette (23 min, 16 sec) and with the corruption which grows in the world of the Smurfs they decide to create an abomination when Clockwork Smurf suffers the sin of Envy because there is no one to fall in love with, the Smurfs dig deep into arcane knowledge to give life to a mechanical Smurfette, only for the creature to fall in love with its maker.

How degenerated has Smurf society become to think that love can be found in mechanical devices, no matter how much they vibrate. The situation is only resolved when Papa Smurf reverts to using hallucinogenic drugs to beat Gargamel, a sad day indeed.

Wild about Smurfette (13 min, 07 sec), when she gets trapped by a Bog Goblin, Smurfette is rescued by Wild Smurf, spotting the alpha male in the pack Smurfette uses her womanly wiles on Wild Smurf. This gets the other Smurfs hot under the collar at the thought that she may leave them and so they go all out to prove that they too can protect her.

Discontent comes again to the land of the Smurfs as sexual tensions run high and the testosterone levels go through the roof. Just what is it that Smurfette does for the others to make them so afraid of losing her; it is lust, another deadly sin and one introduced by Smurfette herself. Will the negative effects this wanton hussy brings never end?

Soothsayer Smurfette (23 min, 12 sec) and magic is the name of the game. Once again the demanding Smurfette is not happy with the simple things in life. She needs a new dress for Baby Smurf's birthday party and so is easy prey when Gargamel steals a magic dress and gets Smurfette to wear it, her greed and envy once again put the other Smurfs in danger.

Smurfette’s Green Thumb (13 min, 14 sec), here Smurfette bemoans the lack of flowers until she meets with a talking river who introduces her to a myriad of talking flowers, when she prick her finger she discovers that everything she touches grows. Yeah Right! And when she comes down from that trip she's going to have the headache from hell.

So there we have it, incontrovertible proof of the detrimental effect this Smurfette has had on Smurf culture. Single handily she has introduced numerous sins into what was otherwise a little Eden. A tragic decline and fall of a once great culture.


Charles Packer

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