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The Smurfs
Papa Smurf Rocks!


Starring (voice): Don Messick, Paul Winchell, Danny Goldman, Lucille Bliss, June Foray and Michael Bell
Distributor: Fabulous Films / Arrow Films
RRP: £5.99
Certificate: U
Release Date: 01 July 2013

Papa Smurf is the great magical Smurf patriarch, the glue which keeps his people together. He embodies the qualities of wisdom and paternal kindness and at the age of five hundred and forty-six, he is as spritely as when he was a hundred. When the Smurfs need counsel or an elixir, it is to Papa that they turn...

The Smurfs: Papa Smurf Rocks! Is a DVD with six episodes celebrating Papa’s unique way of solving problems. Half the episodes come from season nine with two from the second season and the last from the sixth.

Papa’s Puppy Prescription (S5 -1985 - 12 min, 47 sec): Gargamel is up to his old trick, this time he casts a spell that makes puppy think he is a cat, it takes all Papa’s magic knowledge and the help of the other Smurfs to counteract the spell.

Papa’s Family Album (S5 - 1985 - 21 min. 13 sec): Papa is feeling nostalgic, so he gets out his photo album to show the younglings how some of the other Smurfs have grown up. Meanwhile Gargamel steals Mother Nature’s wand and it takes Papa’s magic pouch to make things right.

Papa’s Last Spell (S9 - 1989 - 12 min. 46 sec): Magic has always been Papa’s greatest weapon, so when Gargamel succeeds in casting a spell which removes Papa’s magical abilities, he must trick Gargamel to change him back.

Papa for a Day (S6 - 1987 - 13 min, 07 sec): When Papa starts feeling the pressure of all the requests from all the other Smurfs, so Grandpa Smurf decides that they will all take turns at being Papa, the problem is that none of them have his wisdom, so things get chaotic quickly.

Papa’s Big Snooze (S9 - 1989 - 22 min, 50 sec): Brainy accidentally puts Papa Smurf into a deep sleep, without a way to revive him the other Smurfs must search for the Bonsai Beetle, the only thing which might bring Papa back to them.

Papa Loses his Patience (S9 - 1989 - 13 min, 12 sec) and the Smurfs are in Spain and Getting on Papa’s nerves. In an effort to help the situation Brainy tries to enhance Papa’s patience, only for it to leave him completely and end up in a Bull Fighter.

So there you have it six of Papa’s greatest moments. The quality of the animation is variable with the older episodes showing more damage to the print. The show is presented in its original 4:3 aspect ratio with a 2.0 audio track. There are no extras.


Charles Packer

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