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Lost Girl
The Complete Second Season


Starring: Anna Silk, Kris Holden-Ried, Ksenia Solo, Zoie Palmer, Rick Howland and K. C. Collins
Distributor: Sony Pictures Home Entertainment
RRP: £29.99
Certificate: 15
Release Date: 09 September 2013

Supernatural seductress Bo (Anna Silk), is a succubus who feeds on the sexual energy ("chi") of humans. Growing up with human parents, Bo had no reason to believe she was anything other than the girl next door - until she drained her boyfriend to death in their first sexual encounter. Now she has hit the road alone and afraid. She discovers she is one of the Fae, creatures of legend and folklore, who pass as humans while feeding off them secretly and in different ways, as they have for millennia. Relieved yet horrified to find out this she is not alone, Bo decides to take the middle path between the human and the Fae while embarking on a personal mission to unlock the secrets of her origin...

Unlike last season, where the main drive of the series and ongoing story arc was the slow unveiling of Bo's past as well as her coming to terms with what she really was, season two's main ongoing plot line revolves around a mysterious huge threat that is coming to cause havoc amongst the light and dark fae.

As in the previous season, the main light relief comes in the form of Bo's flatmate Kenzi (played by Ksenia Solo). She provides some much needed comedy into what would otherwise be a rather dry show. That is unless you count the OTT and very amusing episode Original Skin which sees the souls of the main characters switching with their bodies - so Kenzi inhabits the body of Dyson, which allows Kris Holden-Ried to have fun with his character.

This show also pays homage to a number of movies. The most notable being the "I've seen things..." speech from Blade Runner which makes an appearance in the episode Death Didn't Become Him and a visual homage to the velociraptors in the kitchen in Jurassic Park in the episode The Girl Who Fae'd with Fire.

Oddly enough there isn't a single extra in this collection, but then there weren't any extras on the DVD release of the show's first season either.

It's another interesting season. The only slight downside is that there's nothing here (and I do mean nothing) that hasn't been explored and done better in numerous other sci-fi shows.


Darren Rea

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