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Graphic Novel Review

Book Cover

Void (Hardback)


Writer: Herik Hanna
Artist: Sean Phillips
Publisher: Titan Comics
Age: TBC
978 1 78276 084 9
48 pages
Publication Date: 03 September 2014

The maximum prison ship Goliath is alone and adrift in space following a catastrophic encounter with a swarm of micro meteors. The catastrophe pushes Colonel Mercer over the edge and he rampages through the ship killing prisoners and crew. Now Mercer and the last surviving crew member, John, play cat and mouse through the dead hulk...

Void (48 pages) is a dark science fiction tale, written by Herik Hanna and illustrated by Sean Phillips; the graphic novel is published by Titan Comics.

The art suitably reflects the tone of the story, the panels are mostly set out in a traditional manner, with each of them using a limited colour palette of muted blues, reds and black being predominantly used.

The story starts like a mashup of Pandorium (2009) and Event Horizon (1997) with John trying to find Mercer in a ship which has been turned into a horror show. Alone and under immense stress, John's mind starts slipping, causing him to hallucinate. The story jumps back and forth in time to keep the final reveal secret, but I pretty much worked out the twist in the tale by page 15. Sometimes a lack of information provides more information than you would think.

The book is told in three acts; unfortunately the first act takes up the greater part of the book, making the denouement feel a little rushed.

Overall it’s a pretty good book and certainly the dark art perfectly matches the theme and feeling of the story. Well worth a look.


Charles Packer

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