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Orbit: Alice Cooper
Issue #1


Writer: Michael Frizell
Artist: Jayfri Hashim
Publisher: Bluewater Productions
RRP: £2.99, US $3.99
24 pages
Publication Date: 09 September 2014

Alice Cooper is a man, a band, and an idea that took on a life of its own, a voice for shock and glitter rockers whose influence created stars like Marilyn Manson and KISS. Behind the paint, the boa constrictors, and the staged executions is a man whose creative energies gave rise to a legend. Half-truth, half fiction, Alice Cooper defines fame...

Bluewater Productions latest comic book is a work of fiction that incorporates the man, the myth and the legend that is Alice Cooper. Part biographical (in as much as it aims to give fans and newcomers alike a warped insight into his life and career), part twisted dark occult fiction, Orbit: Alice Cooper is a tale that would work just as well if you stripped Cooper from the story and replaced him with a new, fictional character.

However, adding Cooper to the mix gives it another edge and adds fuel to the showman image of Cooper as otherworldly.

While fans of Cooper will no doubt enjoy this, I can't help thinking that non-Cooper fans will find it a little too dry.


Nick Smithson

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