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The Sleeping Room


Starring: Leila Mimmack, Joseph Beattie, Julie Graham, Christopher Adamson and David Sibley
Distributor: Second Sight
RRP: £12.99
Certificate: 15
Release Date: 11 May 2015

Homeless girl, Blue, is taken in by a pimp and his partner in Brighton, and earns her keep as a call girl. Bill is renovating the Regency House which used to be a notorious Victorian brothel. On a whim, and not his normal behaviour, he books a call girl and when Blue turns up he is immediately taken with her. He shows her a sinister peep show machine wherein two scantily clad young women dance around a frightening masked figure, before he brutally kills them. Later, Bill and Blue discover a secret room in the house, and Blue learns that her family had links here. Meanwhile, the mood of the normally friendly and placid Bill is changing, gradually becoming darker and more violent. The demons of the past remain in the house, and gather around Blue. She has only one friend, and unless she settles a score she will be forever caught in her dead mother’s never-ending nightmare.

The Sleeping Room is an interesting scenario, but at heart it’s a bare-bones ghost story of history repeating itself. It’s well-realised, and the mask could easily become an iconic symbol of a franchise slasher. However, It’s not different enough for me. The premise is new, but the concept is old-hat. Again, there is that inseparable connection to the past. You might say that is what a ghost or possession story is all about, but I simply long for an imaginative new angle from which to break the barriers of expectation.

That said, Leila Mimmack and Joseph Beattie are pretty solid in their central roles, and the pimp couple is played by the seasoned David Sibley and Julie Graham. There is also a small part for horror critic Billy Chainsaw, which is probably why he is so enthusiastic about the film on the extras! These extras include: 6th Sense – a short film (all of about 3 minutes), Frightfest 2014 interview of director John Shackleton by the aforementioned Billy Chainsaw, a short Behind the Scenes, Visual Effects featurette, and a Gallery.


Ty Power

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