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The Life & Adventures of Santa Claus


Starring (voice): Robby Benson, Jim Cummings, Dixie Carter, Hal Holbrook, Carlos Alazraqui and Maurice LaMarche
Distributor: Fabulous
RRP: £9.99
Certificate: U
Release Date: 05 October 2015

A human baby is found and raised in the magical forest of Burzee. The only human to ever be allowed into the forest, young Nicholas soon seeks adventures that change the lives of children forever...

The Life & Adventures of Santa Claus is an animated movie from 2000 based on the L. Frank Baum (The Wonderful Wizard of Oz) novel of the same name. The story is a little similar to Hans Christian Anderson's The Little Mermaid, in that the main character is only allowed into the human world for a set period of time (in this case he must wear a magical sash). It tells the story of how Santa Claus came to be.

It's a bit of an oddity. The animation and basic story are so old fashioned that you'd be forgiven that this was a product of the '60 or '70s. In this day and age, thanks to Pixar and Disney, we're used to animated having an equal appeal to both children while a certain, more grown up, sense of humour is woven into the story. Sadly that's not the case here.

While it's a wonderful movie for very young children, it's not the sort of film that adults will get as much entertainment out of.


Nick Smithson

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