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Starring: Blake Harrison, George Webster and Georgina Campbell
Distributor: ITV Studios Global Entertainment
RRP: £17.99
Certificate: 15
Release Date: 25 January 2016

Danny is an average 24-year-old who has been friends with stoner Milo since they were kids. But life seems to be pulling them apart. While Danny decides it’s time to grow up, and is on the verge of marrying long-term girlfriend Kate, Milo continues to focus on getting high. When another Danny, from an alternate reality, materialises in Milo's living room, he has an urgent message for the Danny and Milo of this universe: They are being hunted by a mystery assassin who wants them dead. One thing leads to another and Danny and Milo end up being whisked off to a parallel universe. While Danny is desperate to get back to Kate, Milo is having the time of his life as the pair embark on a series of crazy and comic adventures travelling from one universe to another hoping the next one is the one they call home. Will Danny and Milo’s friendship survive their adventure in the multiverse, and will Danny manage to return to his reality in time to get married to his original Kate...?

Tripped is a four-part sci-fi comedy drama. The series sees our heroes, Danny (Blake Harrison) and Milo (George Webster), being whisked through alternate realities in their bid to get home. In some respects it's a little like a cross between Quantum Leap, The Wizard of Oz and Terminator.

When a knight suddenly appears in Milo's flat and screams at him to run for his life, Milo is convinced he's having a bad trip, especially as this knight looks identical to his friend Danny. When another knight appears and the two engage in a sword fight, Milo makes a dash for it. The second knight is killed and the other Danny explains to Milo that he's from an alternate universe and that the Danny and Milo in this universe are being hunted... Milo zones out and doesn't hear the rest of what alternate Danny has to say - other than dimension jumping is possible thanks to a wrist band. As alternate Danny vanishes, Milo runs off to find his Danny and ask for his help. When the two accidentally jump to another dimension the race is on to get back home, while at the same time, avoiding the small army that is trying to track them down and kill them.

The rest of the show follows the pair as they visit different universes and attempt to save not only their own necks, but that of the alternate versions of themselves.

What's great about this series is that it gives all of the main cast a chance to stretch their acting muscles as each universe has a separate and different version of them. This is especially the case for George Webster as Milo, as he gets to play a shy, reclusive religious geek and a world famous rock star. In addition, some of the smaller costars also make numerous appearances throughout different universes.

If I had one slight complaint, it's that the end actually doesn't make sense if you go back and rewatch the series again. Without spoiling too much, the small army tracking down and killing all the Dannys and Milos out there suddenly seems to have a separate agenda. Now, it could be that this army is yet another separate army from another universe who were always attempting to track down Danny and Milo... and that the other army was attempting to kill them for what one of their numbers has done to one of the parallel universes... but it's not really clear.

Sadly we only get four episodes, when most shows in the UK have a 6+ episode run per series. Whether another series is being planned is not clear as yet, but I hope so. This is an amusing, well realised show that stands on the shoulders of numerous other films and TV shows that have gone before.

There are no extras.


Darren Rea

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