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Family Guy
Season Sixteen


Starring (voice): Seth MacFarlane, Alex Borstein, Seth Green and Mila Kunis
Distributor: Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment
5 039036 077194
Certificate: 15
Release Date: 07 November 2016

Expose yourself to this titillating (giggity) collection of 20 uncensored Family Guy episodes, in which Peter reveals his sweet K-pop dance moves, Stewie lands a sticky gig as a peanut butter spokesbaby, Brian fetches true love in India, and the gang spends a terrifying night in a totally insane asylum. It’s a haunting and hilarious complete season, featuring celebrity guest voices Ed O’Neill, Margaret Cho, Glenn Close, Simon Cowell and many more...

Fans of Family Guy will no doubt already know that the UK DVD release of the show is a little out of whack. This "Season 16" box set contains all 20 episodes from the show's official 14th season (which originally aired between September 2015 to May 2016).

This seasons highlights include:

Pilling Them Softly: In which Stewie is medicated when it's discovered he has ADHD and Brian uses them to help him write his book. Meanwhile Peter and Quagmire get their own cooking show, but their personalities soon mean that they are both given their own show and end up aggressively competing against one another.

Hot Pocket-Dial: Quagmire accidentally pocket dials Peter, as he's telling someone that he's in love with Lois. The two fall out, with Quagmire forced to leave the neighbourhood before things get nasty.

Candy, Quahog Marshmallow: Quagmire once had a long starring role in an Asian soap opera, and Peter, Cleveland and Joe stumble over an old video recording of some of the episodes. As the group get more and more engrossed in the storyline, they are gutted to find out that the show's final episode is missing. Quagmire can't remember how the story concluded, so they travel to Korea in order to find it. On arrival, Quagmire rekindles an old flame with his former co-star and ex-lover, Sujin.

An App a Day: Peter discovers the wonderful world of apps, but things turn bad real quick.

Take a Letter: Lois gets a new job at the post office, and finds an undelivered letter that Peter wrote to an ex-girlfriend just before he married Lois.

Run, Chris, Run: When Chris is elected homecoming king it goes to his head, but Meg discovers that he has only been elected so that the cool kids can prank him.

Road to India: It's another Brian and Stewie travel tale. This time, when Brian falls for the Indian call centre girl he's been talking to , he talks Stewie into going to India with hi to meet the girl of his dreams. Meanwhile, Joe invites Peter to attend bingo night, but Peter quickly steals Joe's limelight there and takes away all his friends.

Extras include Deleted Scenes from each episode (which are also grouped together from each disc's 'Extras' menu); audio commentaries on a handful of episodes; The Art of Family Guy (8 min 45 sec which looks at three episodes in this collection that are visually very different to the usual episodes); Full Episode Animatic on A Lot Going On Upstairs (21 min, 29 sec); and Talking Animal Mash-up (2 min, 29 sec).

There's no dip in quality here from previous seasons. Family Guy is still as funny as it's always been.


Nick Smithson

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