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Good Omens


Starring: Michael Sheen and David Tennant
Distributor: BBC DVD
5051561 043932
Certificate: 12
Release Date: 28 October 2019

Aziraphale is a fussy angel. Crowley is a loose-living demon. They’ve both been on Earth for over 6,000 years. During that time they’ve grown quite fond of it, and, against all odds, each other. But there’s a problem – the Antichrist has arrived here on Earth, which means the world they have become too fond of will end in flames, if they don’t manage to save it...

Amazon Prime's Good Omens miniseries is based on the book by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman. The DVD release comes on two discs and is packed with bonus content and includes exclusive collectors’ art cards.

Almost everyone I know has an opinion on this TV series. I conducted a quick straw poll amongst my family and friends to discover whether they were fans or not. The show seems to split people right down the middle. They either loved it or couldn't get past the first episode. It didn't seem to matter if people were huge Pratchett or Gaiman fans, opinion was still divided.

Personally I'm not a fan of either writer, but I found this tale to be quite good fun. Okay, maybe the producers of the show stretched the narrative to breaking point. I'm not overly convinced that six episodes were required to retell the tale. In addition they could have quite easily stripped Anathema Device and Newton Pulsifer from the story and nothing would have been lost - Agnes Nutter's book could simply have been discovered by Aziraphale some other way.

The production is pretty slick, looks fantastic and has some great blink-and-you'll-miss-it cameo appearances from familiar faces.

Extras include audio commentary for each episode (most are worth listening to - in fact only one of them is a bit dull); The Characters of Good Omens (1 min, 43 sec, which sees the actors briefly talking about their characters); The World of Good Omens (1 min, 09 sec brief and shallow look at the show); Page to Screen (6 min, 07 sec interview with Neil Gaiman and actors on getting the book transformed); Bookshop Tour (5 min, 09 sec interview with Gaiman); Crowley's World (4 min); and Aziraphale's World (4 min, 31 sec).

Disc two houses Deleted Scenes (9 min, 56 sec); Storyboard Gallery (4 min, 41 sec); Concept Art Gallery (3 min, 38 sec); Costume Design Gallery (1 min, 11 sec); Queen Compilation (11 min, 50 sec collection of clips where Queen songs were played); Good Omens VFX Reel (3 min, 17 sec look at how some of the digital effects were created); and Good Omens Trailer (1 min, 32 sec).

It's certainly worth giving the show a chance. While I did enjoyed it, I doubt I'll be in a rush to watch it again.


Darren Rea

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