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Scream / Scream 2
Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (Vinyl)


Composer: Marco Beltrami
Label: Varèse Sarabande Records
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Release Date: 19 July 2019

Varese Sarabande Records releases the combined Motion Picture Soundtrack of horror films Scream and Scream 2 on a single Red Vinyl. The films, both directed by horror favourite the late Wes Craven, are a pastiche of slasher movies wherein a Ghostface-masked killer targets teens. It is one of the most successful horror franchises. The sleeve features new artwork by ‘Ghoulish’ Gary Pullin. The composer is Marco Beltrami, whose previous work includes The Woman in Black, Mimic, Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark, Resident Evil, The Faculty, and all four Scream films. He was also Academy Award nominated for The Hurt Locker, and 3:10 To Yuma...

The track listing for Scream is: 'Sydney’s Lament'; 'Altered Ego'; 'Trouble in Woodsboro'; 'A Cruel World'; 'Chasing Sydney'; and 'NC-17'. The track listing for Scream 2 is: 'Stage Fright Requiem'; 'Love Turns Sour'; 'Cici Creepies'; 'Deputy for a Friend'; 'Hollow Parting'; 'Dewpoint and Stabbed'; 'Hairtrigger Lunartic'; 'Sundown Search'; and 'It’s Over Sid'.

We begin with a contemplative piece which has female vocals and is very atmospheric. It’s followed by a quiet piano and string section that is very soon obliterated by rumblings and full orchestral smashes; a sort of dark foreboding of things to come. 'Trouble in Woodsboro' is probably the most inventive music from the first Scream soundtrack. It incorporates lots of nice off-kilter tricks, but drives along with a real energy and exists as a good stand-alone tune. 'Chasing Sydney' is your normal loud slamming collection of noises. 'NC-17' is a nice mid-paced piano, keys and percussion piece, which reprises the female voice melody.

On to Scream 2, and 'Stage Fright Requiem' has an entertaining percussion band intro which then segues into a short but full-blown dramatic orchestral entrance. 'Love Turns Sour' is a mixed bag; it begins like a quieter moment in a Spaghetti Western. You can imagine the gunfighters sizing each other up. It then descends into average loud horror music which is supposed to shock. The western theme can also be said of 'Dewpoint and Stabbed', this time using guitar and a little whistling. 'Hairtrigger Lunatic' is another frantic headache-inducing cacophony of dramatic sound which is just right for the scene, but not so entertaining on its own legs. 'Sundown Search' is another lovely track, and far too short. 'It’s Over Sid' completes the collection, coming full circle by semi-reprising 'Sydney’s Lament'.

I would say that three or four of these tracks act as short fillers which don’t actually go anywhere, but on the whole these are both fairly strong scores, further improved by their coming together in one place. The music is varied enough to remain interesting. However, those inducing a Western film feel are perhaps the most original, particularly as they are so unexpected in a horror movie.


Ty Power

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