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PS4 Game Review

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Format: PS4
Publisher: Assemble Entertainment
Developer: DigiTales Interactive
RRP: £15.99
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Age Restrictions: 16+
Release Date: 21 December 2021

You are Neil Conrad, CDI agent. Awoken by the news of a murder, you rush into a case that will soon turn your life and the whole solar system upside down. Ask questions, collect evidence, and put the pieces together until the ugly truth reveals itself... or not. No takebacks The story branches and ends based on your actions. There's no going back. Sure, you can rush your way to the end – if you don't mind paying the price. Play your cards right, and you might make it out alive. Will you sell out a friend to protect your family? Will you endanger a loved one in exchange for public safety? Will you keep the peace or reveal the horrible, world-shattering truth...?

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You play agent Neil Conrad as he investigates crime in a bustling, near future, city

Lacuna takes the tried and tested point and click adventure genre and smashes it over the head. You play agent Neil Conrad as he investigates crime in a bustling, near future, city. With romantic private detective film noir as its main inspiration, infused with a little bit of a Blade Runner vibe, Lacuna has plenty of atmosphere. This is just as well, as the graphics are pretty basic, in an 8-bit inspired style. The look is pretty redundant as this is not what you'll remember when recounting how much fun the game is.

The puzzles start off fairly easy and when you're piecing together evidence at a crime scene it really is important that you investigate every inch and interview every potential witness. Some of the crimes you can almost solve with very little investigation, but others are a little more taxing.

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Your communication device helps you keep track of your goals

You have a communication device that allows you to check on the clues you've so far discovered, check the latest news (which can be obtained by checking into the various news kiosks dotted around the city), check emails and fill out sheets with your findings on your investigations, which are then submitted to your superiors to close the cases.

There's a lot to really soak up, and it's little touches, like having to use the underground train to get around, that help to immerse you in the feel of this near future world. As I mentioned before, the graphics look basic on first appearance, but it's not an issue in the slightest.

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Explore the city and interact with its citizens

For those that enjoy immersing themselves in new worlds, where you are rewarded for exploring and re-exploring the environments, this game will leave you incredibly satisfied.

At the ridiculously low price point this is a game that should be on every amateur detective's wishlist. It's a game you'll keep being drawn back to and, once you finish it, you'll be eager to replay it.


Darren Rea

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