Y: The Last Man
Book 6 - Girl on Girl

Author: Pia Guerra
Artists: Goran Sudzuka and Jose Marzan, Jr
Titan Books
RRP 8.99
ISBN 1 84576 179 0
Available 23 January 2006

More than two years after an unexplained plague killed every other male mammal on the planet, the two exceptions - aspiring escape artist Yorick Brown and his pet monkey Ampersand - have travelled across the remains of the US with biochemist Dr. Allison Mann and government operative Agent 355 to Dr. Mann's lab in San Francisco, where she managed to finally isolate the source of their immunity. Unfortunately, that source is within Ampersand's body, which was last seen disappearing under the arm of a mysterious Japanese mercenary. Now, accompanied by 355 and Dr. Mann, the last man on Earth has embarked on a new and even more hazardous journey - following Ampersand's trail across the Pacific, where danger threatens from below as well as above the waves...

Girl on Girl is the sixth in the Y: The Last Man series of graphic novels. In this collection Yorick, 355 and Dr. Mann are onboard what was once a luxury cruise liner, The Whale, in the North Pacific Ocean. The crew are headed for Australia to drop off some much needed supplies, but one of their number is actually a spy who wormed her way into the ranks in order to inform her people of The Whale's movements so that they can plunder the cargo for themselves.

Yorick is accidentally discovered and taken to The Whale's captain's quarters for his own protection, but as the spy's people approach, it soon becomes apparent that nowhere is safe for him to hide.

Brain K Vaughan really stretches the material here. All that really happens is that Yorick and crew get on a ship and then get off it. The bits in-between, as interesting as they are, don't really add a great deal to The Last Man universe in any significant way.

I did, however, love the fact that the lines between good and evil are blurred considerably. One man's terrorist is another's freedom fighter... and all that. It's interesting to never really know which side you are bating for, in more ways than one, in this collection.

Goran Sudzuka's art is great, and reminded me of Steve Dillon's early work for 2000AD on Judge Dredd and Tyranny Rex.

My only real complaint is that it's such a quick read that you can't help feeling a little cheated - also nothing really happens to move the main narrative on that much. In fact you could probably skip this book and not realise you'd missed anything. However, I don't advise that, because it's still a great read.

Darren Rea

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