Day of Vengeance

Authors: Bill Willingham and Judd Winick
Artists: Ian Churchill and Justiniano
Titan Books
RRP 8.99
ISBN 1 84576 230 4
Available 24 February 2006

Eclipso, the original spirit of vengeance, needs a new human host. The Spectre, the current spirit of vengeance, has just lost its human host and is vulnerable. When Eclipso seeks a new body, it first tries to control the most powerful soul on Earth - Superman. It takes the World's mightiest mortal, Captain Marvel, to stop him... but not for long. Inhabiting the body of a familiar, tortured soul, Eclipso sets its sights on seducing the Spectre, and destroying Earth's practitioners of magic.
Seven heroes stand in their way. All very different. All with different goals at stake. And an eighth is found - who might be the most powerful teenager in the universe. Is even the Shadowpact, aided once more by Captain Marvel, enough to stop these angry spirits?...

Day of Vengeance is another release in the Infinite Crisis (or Countdown to Infinite Crisis) series. You'd think that they'd make this series a little easier to follow - title-wise.

Talk about stretching a thin plot to breaking point. In a nutshell, the synopsis above really walks you through just about everything that is explored in this collection. And boy is it long winded. To be honest, if it wasn't for the fact I was paid to review this release, I would probably have stopped before I got half way through.

The art in this collection is almost faultless. In fact, this is the first time where I've actually thought that the cover art was a lot poorer than the contents.

There's also an interesting inclusion at the end of this graphic novel. At the Oblivion Bar walks readers through the appearances of the major and minor mystics that crop up in the pages of this collection - many of whom will only have been spotted by eagle-eyed readers in the crowd scenes.

While the art is great, and the actual writing is okay, it would have been a lot more interesting if the writer hadn't stretched a 20 page story across 200 pages.

Pete Boomer

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