Seven Soldiers of Victory
Volume One

Author: Grant Morrison
Artists: Various
Titan Books
RRP 9.99
ISBN 1 84576 236 3
Available 24 February 2006

Seven Soldiers is an epic tale of life, death, triumph and redemption that explores the nature of heroism and sacrifice. This first of four volumes features the exploits of four of the seven soldiers: the Shining Knight, the Guardian, Zatanna, and Klarion the Witch Boy. Independently, each of these characters is featured in a story that redefines their purpose in the DC Universe. But their stories also interweave with the other soldiers' tales, and tells a grander story of devastating global threat to mankind. Together these reluctant champions must arise and somehow work together to save the world... without ever meeting one another...

Volume One of Seven Soldiers of Victory introduces us to four of the final seven soldiers - including Zatanna, famed Justice League member and burnt out spellcaster; Manhattan Guardian, an ex-cop turned superhero journalist; Klarion the witch boy, a puritan from a lost, underground American colony; and Shining Knight, a swordsman from the Camelot-era who has been flung into present day LA.

As a stand alone collection, this will have you salivating for more and I was pleased that author Grant Morrison introduced us to the first four members of the team slowly. It would have been all too easy to have rushed their introductions so that all seven members were presented in the first chapter, but that would have taken away a lot of the mystery and depth of storytelling that we are presented with.

How can seven heroes from very different backgrounds join forces to save the world? And how can they do this without actually coming together and working as a team?

I'm very much looking forward to seeing how this collection develops - it's managed to get off to a very promising start.

Pete Boomer

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