Green Arrow
Moving Targets

Author: Judd Winick
Artists: Various
Titan Books
RRP 11.99
ISBN 1 84576 234 7
Available 24 March 2006

Star City's underworld has been taken over by Brick, a vicious mountain of a man, and he wants Green Arrow dead. In the midst of this crisis, Mia Dearden, Green Arrow's new ward, faces her greatest challenge. Caught up in the euphoria of being given the costume and sanction of the new Speedy, she is shocked by sudden tragic news that threatens to change her life forever...

Moving Targets sees a new threat to Star City. Brick, a huge hulk of a man, has moved in on the action and wants to send a message to the underworld and Green Arrow - this is his city now.

But Green Archer has other things closer to home to deal with. Mia Dearden, who wants to be the new Speedy, has some shocking news to come to terms with - news that makes her all the more determined to be part of Oliver Queen's family - normal and costumed. Along the way, our heroes have to contend with a few robotic villains, including an eight foot tall mechanical cowboy who calls himself the Duke of Oil.

I loved the way that this collection showed Queen's inability to deal with Dearden's problem. And as much as he wants to do the right thing, he's not really sure what that is. The handling of Dearden's "problem" is handled well - not too sentimental and not too lightly.

A word of warning, don't read the blurb on the back of this graphic novel if you don't want to know one of the minor twists at it's conclusion. I really wish they'd stop doing this with the synopsis on graphic novels. Another recent example is the Superman: Sacrifice collection. Letting slip that a certain character turns up may whet the appetite of a potential buyer, but it will also annoy them when they realise that this character's inclusion is supposed to by a surprise.

For those of you who thought Oliver Queen was a chauvinist in green tights and a ridiculously stupid goatee... oh wait, he is... Okay, for those of you who thought that Green Arrow was a watered down version of Batman, this collection will make you think again. A joy to read from the first page to the last.

Darren Rea

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