Author: Mike Carey
Artists: Various
Titan Books
RRP 8.99
ISBN 1 84576 238 X
Available 24 March 2006

At the blood-drenched roots of Yggdrasil, the World Tree, the archangel Michael lies dead. His power has been unleashed upon his daughter, Elaine Belloc, and his brother, Lucifer Morningstar, burning them out of this existence and clearing the way for the final unravelling of the universe. The time has come for those who mark themselves as wronged by Heaven to rise up and storm the former palaces of Yahweh - led by the fury of Lilith, Creation's original woman scorned...

Crux is the latest addition to the Lucifer range of graphic novels. Those familiar with this series will already know what to expect - good solid writing accompanied by great art work. And you won't be disappointed, this release offers more of the same.

If you are looking for a lazy read, then this won't be for you. You're going to have to concentrate on what is going on in order to pick up the subtle elements.

I also loved the crude illustrations that were used (like Watership Down's opening credits) to tell a mythological origins tale.

At the end of the day, author Mike Carey has delivered the goods once again. This is one hell of a great read.

Nick Smithson

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