The Authority
Revolution - Book 2

Author: Ed Brubaker
Artists: Dustin Nguyen and Richard Friend
Titan Books
RRP 9.99
ISBN 1 84576 251 7
Available 21 April 2006

Former StormWatch Weatherman Henry Bendix has returned from the dead and is busy modelling the Earth to his unique vision. But what happened to "Earth's Last Line of Defence," the Authority? After the debacle in the nation's capital that led to the total destruction of Washington, DC, they relinquished control of the United States and all but vanished years ago. How long can tyranny stand, before heroes will rise up? Can a teenage Jenny Quantum reunite the fractured team and make them heroes again - or has Bendix won the final battle...?

The second book in the Authority's Revolution series is released seven months after the first volume. Not that I have the world's worst memory (that accolade goes to our illustrious editor) but I had to dig out the previous volume so that my mind was suitably refreshed for this volume.

This collection kicks off with a young Jenny Quantum being dragged through a mirror and coming into contact with numerous other Jenny's who have lived in different periods of time. When she returns to her own time she's become a teenager. The reason for this is that the younger Jenny is not mature enough to deal with the impending threat to her timeline.

The rest of the collection sees Jenny, her two dads and the rest of The Authority tackling yet another threat to their very existence. While not really earth shatteringly exciting, there is enough here to keep Authority fans interested - but only just.

While this is not a bad collection, I couldn't help thinking that maybe more should have been going on.

Pete Boomer

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