Birds of Prey
Between Dark and Dawn

Author: Gail Simone
Artists: Various
Titan Books
RRP 10.99
ISBN 1 84576 240 1
Available 21 April 2006

The crime fighting trio Birds of Prey are split up, as Huntress is sent undercover to take down a religious cult with a dangerous secret and a hidden operative - someone more powerful and deadlier than any one bird. Even the last-minute arrival of Black Canary may not be enough to save innocent lives. Meantime, information broker Oracle hasn't quite been herself, as she wages a private, internal battle against the villainous android Brainiac, who has infected her with a techno-organic virus that threatens to turn her into a walking, talking machine...

Between Dark and Dawn is the latest Birds of Prey collection to be released through Titan Books. Trouble is brewing as Oracle is not in control of her own mind - and if the entity that is attempting to take over her body does so successfully it will also bring down the rest of the group. Undercover, Huntress embarks on a mission to take down a cult leader whose teachings go a little beyond a crazed fanatic. Vixen is already there... but Huntress really shouldn't count on her being able to help her.

This collection is packed to bursting with meaty goodness. Gail Simone's writing is engaging and the art is fantastic.

I loved the henchmen's meet - where the goons of Gotham's villains get together to make a stand against their bosses. The fact that they don't get paid very well, while putting their lives in danger (from their bosses as well as costumed vigilantes) is starting to really annoy them. They want to start a union and plan to strike if their demands are not met.

If you don't usually read Bird of Prey tales, then this is the time to start. A roller coaster ride from beginning to end.

Nick Smithson

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